Friday, August 8, 2008

A PP'sPs about Updates V

An evening update on Christy:

We talked to the neurologist this evening. He said that the second EEG was "unremarkable" which is good. He also said that his impression of the brain MRI was also "unremarkable". He will wait for the official radiology report to be sure.

So, it seems more and more that we are dealing w/ acute pneumonia. She is still on multiple antibiotics as well as diuretics to help dispose of all the fluids involved in all the IV meds. She is very drowsy and somewhat disoriented, mostly b/c of the meds. If I didn't mention it before, her knee surgery will now be postponed until at least Monday while she continues to stabilize.

Once again, we are overwhelmed by your prayers and concerns. We are thanking God for you!


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