Thursday, August 7, 2008

A PP'sPs about Updates II

Well, today was a good day. Christy has been in good spirits most of the day and has had good reports from the docs. Her O2 levels have been good since coming off the breathing apparatus.

After talking to the orthopedic surgeon, as long as Christy remains stable through tomorrow, he will perform corrective surgery on her knee on Saturday. She will remain in ICU until the surgery and then return there after for recovery. We don't have any idea when she will be released from ICU or from the hospital, but we are encouraged by the recent developments. Please continue to pray for her as she anticipates this surgery. Also pray for Dr. Paul Nichols, a godly man, as he performs the surgery on Saturday.

Thanks again for all the calls, thoughts, and prayers. We can't verbalize how appreciative we are.


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