Friday, August 15, 2008

A PP'sPs about Non-ICU Rooms

Christy is no longer in ICU!

We were moved to a regular room (5155) at around midnight last night! All of her docs are thrilled with her progress and signed off on her move out of ICU.

Although we are glad to be out of ICU b/c of the implications (out of danger, on the mend), 5th floor East is not exactly paradise! Not 30 mins after getting settled in our room last night, there was a very loud and intense code across the hall. It was much louder all night than ICU, so that will be an adjustment. However, we are more than willing to make that adjustment to see Christy continue to improve.

We do have another prayer request that we would like to make you aware of, if you are not already aware of it. Chris (Christy's stepdad) learned yesterday that he has multiple slipped disks in his back which have been causing him excruciating pain for a while now. He will meet with a surgeon today and discuss his options. He is very miserable! Please be in prayer for his pain level as well as his meeting today, that God's will is done and Chris finds relief.

Thanks again!


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