Saturday, August 9, 2008

A PP'sPs about Me

I know I haven't asked for it and I know you are doing it anyway, but I need you to be praying for me.

Because we have seen little to no improvement in the last two days, I am becoming more & more discouraged. All of the devil's weapons, doubt, worry, fear, frustration, etc. are setting in. I hate to see my wife in this condition. It's not fair. I also hate seeing her mother have to face this too. She doesn't deserve it either. I am especially frustrated b/c Christy had such a good day on Thursday. Now, things have deteriorated. Why is she not getting better? Why can't the doctors find a solid diagnosis and make it better? Too many questions, too little time.

Anyway, as you continue to pray for Christy and her physical health, remember Julie and me and our mental & emotional health. This sucks! Pray that it sucks less soon.


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