Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A PP'sPs about Miracles II

Christy had a great night! She was able to sleep through much of the night and felt rested this morning. She ate a decent breakfast and is in good spirits. She's pretty worn out from a bath and breathing treatment, so she is gonna rest for the remainder of the morning.

What a tremendous turnaround we have seen! What an awesome God we serve!

To God be the Glory!



Belinda said...

Awesome!!The Lord does answer prayer. Tell her we miss her and hope she gets well soon.
Love and prayers,
Belinda & Terry Honican, Meredith, Stephen

Jo-Mama said...

WooHoo! Praying for continued upward progress! Love you guys..maybe the thing about the Cowboy Hospital is the Lord telling you to move back to Texas? I don't know, just putting it out there! :)
Lots of Love from Texas,
Justin, Joanna, Elijah and Aubrey