Monday, August 11, 2008

A PP'sPs about Surgery

Christy has just been taken to the OR to repair her broken knee. The surgery will be minimally invasive as he will create holes to screw into the knee and stabilize it. There will be no incision, no bandage, no brace. The only concern will be the best way to further sedate her so that she feels no pain during the actual surgery.

Pray for the anesthesiologist that he will have wisdom in this area. Pray for Dr. Nichols that God would guide his hands during the procedure. Pray for Julie and me that we don't go crazy.

That about covers it. I will post again as soon as she is out of surgery and we have consulted w/ the surgeon.


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Carol said...

Josh, we have been keeping up with the updates on Christy and seems like things are looking much better. Prayers are wonderful. we miss you very much. You know we love you both and wish the best. Tell Julie to hang in there. love Carol & Buddy