Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A PP'sPs about Christy

Well, many of you (2 people) have lots of questions about Christy and her condition. I will use this blog to update you on her condition over the next couple of days.

For those of you just finding out, Christy went to Maysville, KY for a meeting Tues. am, even though she didn't feel well and had gone to bed sick the night before. Throughout the morning, she had the sweats and chills. Finally, at about 11:30, she dropped her head and went into a full seizure, shaking and all. Her legs locked up with her chair and when the campus nurses tried to remove her, her knee got broken! She was eventually rushed to the local hospital and treated for seizure and broken knee. She was eventually transported to Central Baptist in Lexington, closer to all of her regular docs.

She was admitted and ran through a bunch of tests. The neurologist even did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. Much blood was taken as well as much drugs! The pain from the knee was the most intense I have ever seen her endure. The pain lasted into the night, which brought on further issues. Her oxygen levels began to drop despite multiple breathing treatments. Finally, it was decided that she would go on a BI-PAP breathing machine full time and be moved to ICU. The mask for the breathing device was, of course, too big and aggravated her to no end.

The final conclusion that the docs came up with for the seizure as well as the subsequent drop in O2 was infection, either viral, bacterial, or fungal. She is currently on as many as 5 different antibiotics to combat the infection.

As of 9pm Wed., she has begun to show signs of stabilizing. Her vitals have regulated, albeit with the aid of the breathing apparatus, and she is much more responsive. The knee is still painful, but is also stabilized. The surgeon said that as soon as she is full stabilized, he wants to do surgery to repair the knee fracture. This will more than likely delay the double knee replacement by as much as 3-6 mos.

Well, you're probably as up to date as I am. Julie (Christy's mom) and I will be staying the night in the ICU waiting room, so pray for miraculous sleep!

I'll post updates as often as possible. Thanks for all your prayers.

The Passionate Pastor


JonathanG said...

I'm glad to hear she is more stable...please give her Kristen and I's love and prayers. We miss you and hope to see you guys sometime soon. Call me with your schedule for the semester when you have the time. Take care!

Lori said...

You know we are praying... glad for the somewhat encouraging report tonight. See ya tomorrow.

The Jared Waters Support Team said...

Josh,Christy and Family-
We are praying and believing for complete healing and stability in Jesus name. We understand the wonder that is ICU sleeping but somehow the Lord will sustain you. We love you both and are sending huge prayers and hugs from Texas.
All our Love,
Justin, Joanna, Elijah and Aubrey Hildebrand

Jo-Mama said...

Sorry I used the wrong login...that is a little weird, I apologize.


Carla Keller said...

I am praying for both of you and especially for Christy, as she has a special place in my heart.I know that Lori told you I have her wedding band. I have it in a very safe place.Please send her my love and tell her that I have asked God to surround her with His loving arms. Thanks for putting this info on your blog.
Carla (Librarian at LVC)