Thursday, August 14, 2008

A PP'sPs about Christy II

Good morning from ICU!

Christy had a bit of a rough night with a stomach ache and trouble sleeping. They've given her something for that so she hopes to rest this morning. Otherwise, she is doing quite well.
There is even talk of moving her to a regular floor room later today. That is a sign that she is out of danger. We are praising God continually for His healing hand.

I was able to attend our prayer meeting and teach Bible study last night which was a real blessing. I love to preach and teach and felt blessed to be back in the saddle! God is Awesome!



Belinda said...

That is wonderful. Thank you Lord!!Tell Christy we are thinking of her, also You and her mother. We pray that she does get to move to a regular room soon.
Love and prayers,
Belinda & Terry Honican, Meredith, Stephen

Ann said...

So glad you were able to be back at church last night. I know for us that is always a sign that normalcy is returning when something crazy has been going on. God is good! Thanks for continuing to share the details with us.

Pat said...

Hi, Josh

We are so glad to hear that Christy is making good progress. She has been in our prayers and the prayers of our church. And so have you! I'm glad you were able to "be back in the saddle" last night. Please give Christy our love and assure her of many prayers coming from South Dakota.

Pat and Doug