Monday, August 18, 2008

A PP'sPs about Normalcy

We are finally getting back to a bit of normalcy here in Cynthiana. I was able to be back in the pulpit yesterday which was a joy for me. Christy is paying bills which is a joy for her (JK!).

We are slowly figuring out the best way to get Christy around the house with one bad leg and one badder leg :)

Her pain is manageable, her breathing treatments are helping, and her spirits are high. We are enjoying God's blessing at home, as are the cats!

Continue to pray as I know you will. Remember Chris Wells as he goes for surgery on Weds.



Julie said...

Badder? Oh Josh, surely the grammer police captain didn't?!

Rachel said...

Please tell Christy I said hello and I'm so happy she's doing well! If you two have a minute you should follow the link to my blog and check out all the Betsy pictures. Take care.