Monday, August 11, 2008

A PP'sPs about Surgery II

We just talked to the surgeon after the surgery. He said that they were able to sedate her enough to do the surgery. He was able to insert 4 screws and secure the bone. He was less than thrilled with the condition of the bone, but that's not a surprise, given her arthritis. He will keep her in a bent brace to keep it somewhat immobilized.

We give God the glory for the success of the surgery! We now ask Him for mercy and relief from the pneumonia and drug semicoma.

Thank all who have called and come by. I regret that Christy has not been able to be visited, but getting to see you is a blessing none the less. Thank you.



mary-katherine said...

glad christy done well today and glad you went and was looked at also.

love you bunches

Jo-Mama said...

So glad surgey went well. We are still praying lots here in Texas!
Sending our love,
Justin, Joanna, Elijah and Aubrey

terry said...

We just wanted to let you know that we are keeping all of you in our prayers and asking the Lord to supply all your needs. Hang in there.

Terry and Dianne

JonathanG said...

Still Praying Josh!

Carol said...

Josh, Glad Christy's surgery went well. Glad you went and had yourself taken care of. Hang in there Julie. We love you. We are still keeping you in our prayers Love you Carol & Buddy

Belinda said...

Praise the Lord for the surgery going well. We have had you all in our thoughts and prayers and will keep you there. Tell Christy we miss her.
Love and prayers,
Belinda & Terry Honican, Meredith, Stephen
Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Jenny said...

Josh, you are all in my prayers. I'm keeping up with all your posts so I know how best to pray for ya'll.