Saturday, August 16, 2008

A PP'sPs about Home

Christy's home! Christy's home! Christy's home!

We finally got her home at about 3:30 this afternoon. She is settled in and enjoying being back with her kitty cats.

She is still having some knee pain and moving around doesn't help that. We are learning the best way to move her around with minimal pain. It will be an adjustment, but we know God will guide us in this. Julie is here as well, helping us adjust. She will stay with Christy tomorrow while I go to church. Pray for Julie as she is now trying to help us here while preparing for Chris's back surgery as well. She is under tremendous stress. Pray for strength.

I will continue to post regarding Christy's recovery here at home. If you would like to visit, just call ahead to make sure she is up to it.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.



Carol said...

Josh, Glad you are home. I'm sure Christy will rest a whole lot better in her own bed. Tell her and Julie hi for us and we are praying for each of you. Love Carol & Buddy

mary-katherine said...

yeah yeah we are home we are home. glad to hear that. love you bunches