Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A PP'sPs about Miracles

God's gettin' His heal on!

Christy has made tremendous progress today. She is more alert than she has been since the seizure! Her vitals are fantastic and getting better. (heart rate - 93, Pulse ox - 100%, BP - 125/65)

She told us about a dream she had that she was in a Cowboy Hospital where they made her swim with her surgeon and his children. So, when her regular rheumatalogist, Dr. Neal, came by and told her she was at Central Baptist (not a Cowboy hospital), she was relieved and told us that she thought we had been lying to her all along!

God is awesome and so are you all! Continue to pray for further improvement.



Ann said...

Praise the Lord! Prayers will continue!

Carol said...

Josh, Gotthe update. God is awsome. We will continue to pray. Keeping Billy & Jeanie updated as well as Becky, Ronnie Pam Whalen also Linda Wasson. Getsomerest if you can. By the way who is taking care of your cats? Love Carol & Buddy.

Teri said...

YIPPEE!!! Praise the Lord! I will continue to keep up the prayers. I love you both. Love, Mom

Belinda said...

That is wonderful, to God be the Glory!! Tell her we hope she gets well soon.
Love and prayers,
Belinda & Terry Honican, Meredith, Stephen
Please do let us know if you need anything.