Thursday, May 7, 2009

A PP'sPs about Happiness Revisited

I'm happy again.

And not just kinda happy; genuinely, supremely happy; unable to stop smiling happy.

And I'm not sure if my readers (all 3 of you) are ready for why, but here goes.

The source of my happiness is a woman; a truly amazing woman. What did I do to deserve the opportunity to find another amazing woman? I'm truly in awe of God's grace and provision!

Her name is Kristen. She is stunningly beautiful, both on the outside, and, even more so on the inside. I love being around her. When I'm around her, I feel comfortable, like I don't have to put up a facade, like I can just be myself. That's very important for me right now. She gets that and makes it so easy. The funny thing is that she feels the same way around me. And, in a situation that could be quite complicated and awkward, we find being together surprisingly easy and comfortable.

We've come to only one conclusion that can explain this: God must be in this. More than a few people have commented that there is no way that Kristen or I could have imagined or orchestrated the chain of events that have transpired over the last several weeks. It must be God! In fact, both Kristen and I, in our separate struggles with this have tried to find reasons why this should NOT work. And yet, we keep coming back to the realization that, despite the craziness of the situation, God has brought us together.

Regarding the craziness of the situation, I hope that all of my friends and family understand and support my efforts to move on with my life. This is not how I thought my life would play out. I never knew that one could experience the devastating loss and loneliness that I have been smothered by for the past 7 months. My heart was completely obliterated. And yet, God has seen fit to begin the process of restoring my heart and alleviating my loneliness. I believe with all my heart that He has chosen to use Kristen to do both. She has made me believe that I can love again and find true companionship once more. I hope and pray that each of you understand this.

Believe it or not, like it or not, Kristen is a dream come true. I'm happy again. Truly happy.

Unable to stop smiling,