Thursday, June 17, 2010

A PP'sPs about Anger

Today's Texts: Proverbs 13-14, Deut. 19, Amos 3, Matt. 1:18-2:12

Well, once again I've been convicted by God's Word. As I was reading the passage in Proverbs, I was noting the comparing and contrasting of the righteous vs. wicked and acknowledging that I need to seek wisdom more diligently. Then I got to the part that mentioned handling anger.

As you may or may not know, I have an issue with anger. I have always had a temper, since I can remember. Because I realized early on in my ministry that I had a temper, I was usually able to keep it under control (unless, of course, I was driving or on a golf course!). However, for some reason, lately (I believe it has to do with my headaches) I have really struggled with getting angry. It almost seems impossible to control my temper these days.

As I read this passage, however, I was convicted about my lack of control regarding my anger. If my goal is to find wisdom and understanding, I must learn to control my temper, because the text says that a "hasty temper" welcomes folly.

Lord, give me the strength to control my emotions and be slow to anger. Amen.

Seeking to be less angry,


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