Friday, June 25, 2010

A PP'sPs About Treasure

Today's Texts: Proverbs 29, Deut. 28:1-14, Micah 4, Matt. 6:19-24

I've always liked the passage from Matthew. There was a song that had the words from verse 21 that I always liked, even if the artist's name eludes me now. Anyway, I've always tried to live by that verse. Of course, I've not always been successful! I do have a Mustang GT in the driveway! But even so, I try to keep my material possessions in proper perspective; they will rot, rust, and break down!

I love how each of the texts today come together to paint the "big picture" of the Christian life. Moses teaches in Deuteronomy that if we devote our lives to gracious obedience, then God desires to bless us. Not just a single facet of our lives, but every aspect of our lives! Read again those verses! Every single aspect! Now, this is a general promise of blessing for the obedient. We know that obedient Christians are not immune to problems, grief, depression, etc. For proof, read Job! However, even in the midst of those storms, God's promise to His faithful remains; He will bless us with His presence. Sometimes that's all we need!

The chapter from Proverbs confirms the general promise that the righteous will be blessed while the fool will find ruin. Micah further promises that God will ultimately restore His faithful.

Which brings me back to Matthew. What is one way that we can ensure that we are being obedient and eliciting the Hand of God? By keeping our possessions in perspective. What's most important to us? Our houses, cars, toys, golf clubs? Or is it our salvation, our Comforter, our Hope? Obedience comes much easier when we put things in proper perspective.

Laying up treasures in Heaven,


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