Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A PP'sPs About Worship

Today's Texts: Eccl. 1:12-18, Deut. 31:30-32:47, Nahum 1, Matt. 9

Surprise, surprise! I want to talk about Deut.! As I read the song that God gave Moses to sing to the Israelites before they were to enter the Promised Land, I was struck by the relevancy of the worship. The song reflected the very recent work of God in the life of Israel.

Too often, we sing a song that was written 100 years ago, and we've sung it a 100 times, and we fail to consider it's meaning to us today. Now, I'm not criticizing the old hymns, I just hope that we are willing to consider, as we worship, the very immediate things that God has done in our lives, and then praise Him!

The song also considers both who God is (perfect, just, faithful), as well as what He has done, is doing, and will do in the future (Creator, Guide, Redeemer, Provider, Protector). What really struck me is that, according to the song, we are to not only anticipate, but welcome and worship the punishment of God! Worship Him for Punishment? Yes! Let me ask you how your children learned and matured? It was partially through punishment! God disciplines those He loves for our good. Let us worship Him for it!

I pray that today we will consider the immediacy of God's involvement in our lives, whether He's providing or punishing, and give Him the praise He's due.

Praising through punishment,



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