Monday, June 28, 2010

A PP'sPs About Doing the Word

Today's Texts: Eccl. 1:1-3, Deut. 30:11-20, Micah 7:1-13, Matt. 7:13-29

Again, I am amazed at how some of these texts paint the "big picture". In Deuteronomy, Moses is putting forth a choice: life or death; blessing or curse. Of course, he strongly suggests that they choose life! The Matthew passage prepares us for the reality that the choice to pursue life is a narrow path. It won't be easy! It will be hard!

But Moses, in verse 11, promises that it can be done! It won't be TOO difficult! It won't be TOO narrow! So how is it possible? How can we make the right choice? How can we choose life and enter the narrow gate?

Well, Moses' confidence comes from an astounding assumption; he assumes, according to verse 14, that the Israelites, and therefore we, will be immersed in the Word of God! He says, "But the word IS very near you. It IS in your mouth and in your heart, so that you CAN do it." Did you get that? He doesn't say it "should" be near you or in your mouth and heart. He doesn't say it "will" be. He assumes that it IS.

Are we fulfilling that assumption? IS God's Word near us? IS it in our mouth and heart?

Finally, Jesus, in Matt. 7:24-27, promises that the result of our immersion in God's Word will provide a firm foundation for the storms of life. We will not be destroyed! The winds WILL blow! The storms WILL pound! But we will be restored (Micah)!

Let us immerse ourselves in His Word so that we can more easily choose life!

Attempting to fulfill Moses' assumption,


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