Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A PP'sPs About Grace

Well, I have to apologize for missing a few days. I'm back! Did you miss me? Prolly not. Anyway...

I also want to add that after visiting with my doctor today, I was advised not to undertake that thing we talked about on Sunday at Pleasant Green, at least not until my headaches are better controlled.

Today's Texts: Proverbs 23-24, Deut. 23:15-25:19, Amos 9, Matt. 5:1-16.

As I read today's texts, the passage from Deuteronomy stood out. Moses teaches that we are to consider those less fortunate than us. He commands the Israelites to leave some of their crops for the less fortunate. They aren't to collect every last kernel, every last grape, every last olive. They are to leave the field after one pass.

I think sometimes today we tend to forget this passage because most of us don't have wheat fields, olive trees, or vineyards. But we do have incomes. We do collect checks. If we apply this passage to our lives today, we have to "leave" some for the less fortunate. I'm not even convinced that this is talking about our tithe. The tithe is usually taken off what is harvested. I believe we should be "leaving" money beyond our tithe for the less fortunate.

Southland Church has a program that I believe deals with this concept. They created the "Dollar Club". Here's the idea: each member is encouraged to bring an extra dollar and put it in the offering. A dollar. Not much of a sacrifice for most of us. Just like the Israelites leaving their fields after one pass. There wasn't much left, but it met a need.

Anyway, the church assumes that each person in attendance each week has put their dollar in and then they take that money and give it to someone less fortunate. What was just a tiny contribution (a dollar) is added to 10,000 other dollars per week and used to bless the poor and needy. Awesome! I believe this is what Moses, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, was talking about.

I want to be a part of something like this! Those of you Pleasant Greeners: do you think we could do something like this? Are there enough poor and needy people in Harrison County to bless? Can we "leave the field after one pass" and sacrifice an extra dollar each week? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Other readers: is there a ministry that you can get involved in that meets this need? I encourage you to find it and "leave the field after one pass."

Leaving after one pass,


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