Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A PP'sPs About Worship

Today's Texts: Proverbs 25-26, Deut. 26, Micah 1-2, Matt. 5:17-48

Wow! Today's texts were full of wisdom! It's hard to nail down one passage to discuss, so I'll go with the first one that caught my attention.

Of course, it was the Deut. text. In vvs. 5-9, Moses is teaching the people about how they should behave when they inherit the Promised Land. Specifically, he is talking about worship. According to Moses, worship should be accompanied by remembrance of God's acts of mercy and provision! What a concept! He says that when you go to worship God with your tithe, you should remember God's work of redemption (specifically, here, redemption from Egypt).

Have we been redeemed? Has God shown His love and mercy and compassion and provision to you lately? My guess is, He has! But what do we usually do when we go to worship? Don't we usually tell God about all the hurt and sadness or illness or persecution that we hope He will fix, instead of thanking and praising Him for all He has already done? I know that I don't thank Him enough for the recent redemption He has worked in my life from grief and depression. And yet, that is the most profound reality in my life right now. How can I not praise Him? I know that I will make a point to praise Him daily and specifically on Sunday as I go to corporate worship. Will you make a similar commitment? I encourage you to consider His Hand in your life recently. Has he redeemed you? Thank Him. Has He held you in His arms of love? Praise Him.

Worshipping in Remembrance,


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