Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Passionate Pastor's Ponderings about Faith

As I think about Christy's impending surgery, several thoughts flood my mind. However, each thought or worry or question is answered with the reality that God is on the Throne! God has led Christy and I to this point in our lives and he has us here for a reason. He knows about our fears and worries and has the perfect response for each. He has equipped us to be able to handle what ever the outcome of this surgery may be. I really and truly believe this! I have seen Him guide me (and us) in the past and know that He will do it again. I give God the glory for His providence in our past and thank Him in advance for His providential work in our lives as this surgery approaches. May God give any reader of this post the same peace and confidence in His providence that He has instilled in me.

I don't anticipate that my future posts will be this spiritual. Those who know me would agree! However, the idea of faith has inundated me lately and I want the kind of peace I have to be available to all!


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