Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Passionate Pastor's Persistent Ponderings about Faith

Why is it that when you finally reach a point of solid faith (as my previous post suggests), God tests it? This must be the pruning and refining that Paul was so fond of. My wife, Christy, has been anticipating double knee replacement surgery for awhile now. After having it postponed once already, the surgeon postponed it indefinitely today because of a slight infection. We were so confident that this was the time and place for this adventure; and now it has exploded in our faces! In my mind I know that this is part of God's plan, but my heart is pretty hacked off that I wasn't consulted first! My primary frustration is Christy's need for relief from this friggin' pain! Why can't that be easy? But, as we have discovered in the past, the process of pain relief is never easy or quick. As the psalmist says, when we wait patiently, He will pick us up from the miry pit.

And so we wait in the miry pit.

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Julie said...

And I wait there with you.