Friday, June 27, 2008

A Passionate Pastor's Ponderings about Total Depravity

So, it appears that total depravity extends even to golf. As I evaluate my own golf game, I have come to the embarrassing conclusion that I am totally depraved! While the rules of golf can basically be summed up with the statement, "Play it as it lies", I find that I don't like submitting to that constraint. I (and other pastors I know) am a big fan of occasional mulligans (do-overs), the foot wedge, and always improving my lie.

Darn you, Depravity!

I find myself wondering if I should be asking God for forgiveness and maturity in my golf game. But, then again, that would drastically affect my handicap, and that is unacceptable!

Oh well, I will go on in my depravity and my 6.7 handicap!


Julie said...

Okay Pastor, ponder this..... Does God really care about your golf game? I think not.

Josh Hildebrand said...

He sees ALL, knows ALL. Even golf!