Sunday, December 7, 2008

A PP'sPs about Hurdles

Well, I guess I got over another hurdle today...barely.

My church has a normally great tradition of hanging family ornaments on the Christmas tree in the sanctuary. Each family has a colored bulb with their name on it. I call each family name and a rep from the family (a child if applicable) comes up and hangs their ornament on the tree. It really is a fun and meaningful tradition.
However, the tree also has white bulb ornaments with the names of each of the members who have passed away over the years. This is where it got difficult!
In some past years, these names were also called during the service and a family rep put these on the tree. Luckily, it was decided that these white ornaments would be on the tree already and only the colored ones would be placed on the tree during the service. I would not have been able to do it.
Anyway, I purposely waited to place my ornament (a new one with only my name on it - very sucky!) on the tree last. Before the service I had located Christy's new white ornament and when it was my turn, I shakily approached the tree, placed my ornament gently next to hers, and proceeded to break down. I slowly made my way back to my chair on the stage, stuck my face in my hands and bawled my eyes out.
Buddy, the song leader, came up and led the congregation in a song while I attempted to compose myself. As soon as the song was over, it was my turn to preach! I honestly don't know how I even made it to the pulpit. But God took over and delivered His Word with clarity and conviction. To Him be the Glory!
I have a feeling there will be many more of these hurdles along the way. I only pray that God delivers me through those as well.

Hating the Hurdles,



Julie said...

Joining you in the hatred!

Momma J

terry said...

I too hate the hurdles! But I love and apprecitate the honesty of your blog!